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Welcome to the Client Form Section

This section has been developed to assist the Clients of FINANCIAL INTERNATIONAL with the varying forms used in the information gathering process.  Whether it is the Individual Income Tax Client, the Simple to the very Complex, or other services rendered. It may render assistance prior to an office meeting. 

The development of the below forms have taken a great deal of time.

Access to the below forms require a User ID and Password.

Please contact our office (via email, fax, phone, etc.)  to get your ID and  password.  It is our hope the below forms will assist in the information gathering process. Utilize the Podcast Instruction to get a better understanding on how to maximize form usage.

Service CategoryForm TypeForm LinkForm DescriptionPodcast Instruction
Client Information Sheet   Basic Client Information TBD
Emergency Fund WorksheetCash Reserve Assessment and identification of Personal and situational goals.TBD
Debt to Income WorksheetBasic analysis of:
1) Income
2) Household Debt
3) Credit card Debt in relation to overall financial status. Debt is identified as the BIGGEST problem to WEALTH BUILDING.
Life Insurance WorksheetLife Insurance needs analysis and assessment. A review of current coverage and cost analysis and assessment.TBD
Net Worth Assessment WorksheetAssessment to identify Client's accumulated worth.  This worksheet is the start of Estate PlanningTBD
Tax OrganizerAssist Client with the information gathering process. In order to accurately assess Tax liability. The basic Tax Organizer is designed for "New Clients" and allows for direct entry of information on the form, then printing, faxing, or *emailing (please consider email security concerns before sending). Current Clients should contact this Office to request a "Proforma" Tax Organizer that includes Prior Year Data and carryover information.TBD
Law Enforcement Officer WorksheetBasic Tax Organizer designed for Law Enforcement Officers. This form allows for direct entry of information for better legibility. Then print the completed Tax Organizer and fax or mail it to this office. Current clients should contact the office to request a "Proforma" Tax Organizer that includes prior year information and carryover data. TBD
Business Profit & Loss WorksheetThis basic worksheet will allow the Business Client to enter information directly to the form and do computations to assist in the identification of potential gain or loss of a particular period. You can then print the completed worksheet and fax or mail it to this office.TBD

We are currently creating additional content for this section. In order to be able to keep up with our high standards of service, we need a little more time. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!